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Optimize deployment processes and reduce release downtime with 7Factor's tested and proven approach to Continuous Integration & Delivery.

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AWS Lambda

Solve pain points and leverage automation with 7Factor's Lambda expertise. Trigger custom events effortlessly in a scalable platform that grows with your business.

Storage Solutions

Storage is the first step to establishing a stable, scalable cloud infrastructure. From performance to backup to recovery and beyond, we're here to support the needs of your business.

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Minesh Patel

Software Strategy Director, Aveanna Healthcare

The experienced engineering team at 7Factor rebuilt our AWS infrastructure from the ground up, improving our delivery pipeline, automating compliance requirements, and laying a stable foundation for our company’s innovation and growth.

AWS Projects

Aveanna Healthcare Pediatric home care services

Changing the way home care is delivered, one patient at a time.

Aveanna Digital Transformation Mission critical migration from Microsoft infrastructure to AWS

Careful planning and execution of the migration setup allowed all of the changes to be made in a limited window to minimize down time. Today's infrastructure allows for enhanced stability and reliability along with effortless scaling with the company's rapid growth.

7Factor Work | Technology Consulting | How We've Helped Our Customers
7Factor Work | Technology Consulting | How We've Helped Our Customers

HandyTrac Software Modernization Taming the sprawl of legacy code

The company's 20 year-old patented technology became increasingly expensive to maintain. 7Factor rebuilt their app and web portal from scratch using AWS tools and best practices. Now, the tool allows for continuous improvements and updates, while also providing an improved workflow and updated design, laying a firm foundation for this industry leader in both innovation and growth.

HandyTrac Key Control Secure, automated key control systems

Automating secure access to multifamily, military, and student housing units.

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