Don’t Offer (Or Choose) The Blue Pill: A Healthy Workplace Culture Is Based On Red Pill Realism, Not Blue Pill Belief

By Jeremy Duvall, for the Forbes Technology Council

This story was originally published on Forbes.com on April 14th, 2022.

The road to dysfunctional workplace culture is cobbled with blue pill illusions, candy-coated with good intentions to cover their noxious taste.

My company, 7Factor Software, is not the totality of anyone’s reality. We are not a family. We’re not a movement or a religion. We’re not saving the world, and we’re not the all-consuming meaning or purpose of anyone’s life, not even mine.

The work we do is important—to our clients and to those they serve—and we do our work well. We make a difference. For that, we are smart people providing a valuable service, not godlike figures dropping golden code from on high.