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November 15, 2022


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Just Because You Have Lots Of Users Doesn’t Mean They Trust You

By Jeremy Duvall, for The Forbes Technology CouncilThis story originally appeared on Forbes.com on January 15, 2021 Congratulations—your software has...
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Why Designers and Developers Should Team Up: Jeremy Duvall with Orlando UX Meetup Group

Contrary to the image of developers typing away heads down in a dark room, communication between developers and designers is...
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A Declaration of Excellence and Grace in Software Engineering

By Jeremy Duvall At this inflection point in the growth and evolution of 7Factor Software, we declare our renewed commitment...
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7Factor Software Intern is Ready to take on Georgia Tech after Gaining Crucial Hands-on Experience

Software intern Holden Rohrer has realized his passion for clean, quality code after gaining real-world experience at 7Factor Software.Rohrer has...
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7Factor Software Partners with Women Who Code to Tackle Imposter Syndrome

An online panel of women in technology sparked quality conversations about imposter syndrome.Being a woman is not easy. Being a...
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The Factory Pattern Method: An Overview on Scalability

Build Cool Things Responsibly By Kyle Sudu What the heck is the Factory Method Principle, and why should we care...
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Jeremy Duvall with Humans Optimized: Why is a generative culture critical to the tech environment?

Jeremy Duvall, 7Factor Software founder and WellEntry creator, credits much of his success to implementing a generative culture in his...
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Code Coverage and Testing: Used the Right Way

By Teresa Hansen What is code coverage? How can I take advantage of code coverage to improve a codebase? What...
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7Factor Founder and WellEntry Creator Jeremy Duvall is Welcomed into the Forbes Technology Council

7Factor is proud to announce that The Forbes Technology Council has extended an invitation to Jeremy Duvall to join their...
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