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Technology Consulting

Make the right decisions now for secure, stable, scalable solutions with years of 7Factor software expertise at your fingertips. We consult on architectural design, compliance audits, and other critical IT and innovation decisions, guiding you toward sustainable growth.

Project Execution

Our top-notch technologists bring engineering excellence and a generative culture to tackling your toughest problems and helping you seize new opportunities. We develop custom mobile web applications, build highly scalable APIs, architect secure and compliant infrastructure, and manage cloud migrations to AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Support and Maintenance

From rescuing your IT infrastructure after another firm goes rogue to maintaining, extending, and supporting custom software solutions that we’ve built to last, we'll stand by your side. Today’s engineers read much more code than they write. Our crews are adept at understanding existing implementations and improving them with strategic refactoring.

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Ginger Brauhn

Senior Scrum Master, FLEETCOR

"The leadership of the 7Factor team and the quality of code that they delivered is by far the best I have seen in my 30 years of working with development teams."

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.NET (Core and Framework)

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Compliance Audits

Cloud Readiness

SOC II Reporting

PCI Reporting

Remediation Support




React Native


Infrastructure & Ops





Site Reliability Engineering

Continuous Delivery

Product Strategy

Viability and Feasibility Consulting

Development Budgeting

MVP Specifications

Product Roadmaps

Go-to-Market Strategy

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With our roots in DevOps, we prioritize stable infrastructure above all else.

7Factor Software Solutions | Customized Scalable Solutions | 7Factor

Fast feedback loops and rapid iteration prevent building the Wrong ThingTM.

Autonomous teams with authority to control their own workflow get more done.

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Loosely coupled prioritization processes empower engineers to deliver quality results.

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7Factor Software Solutions | Customized Scalable Solutions | 7Factor
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A generative, communicative culture supports a relentless focus on quality.